Personal Employability, Achievement and Reflection for Learning (PEARL) Awards

The PEARL awards are designed to meet the need for a programme which measures and assesses a range of key behavioural, learning and employability skills.

The PEARL awards break down barriers by supporting individuals to operate independently and effectively in life, learning and work. Learners who complete PEARL develop key transferable skills that they can use to progress into further study or employment.

The employability and soft (transferable) skills cluster within the 5 constructs that form the Social and Personal Development unit; Self Awareness, Social Skills, Managing Feelings, Empathy and Motivation.

The awards recognise the acquisition of knowledge and understanding and measures application in a wide range of settings; for example the classroom, training and community environments.

There are two grades at RQF Entry Level and a further 8 grades covering RQF levels 1-3.

The way the programme of study is delivered is determined by the institution itself.

The awards are aimed at a wide range of people. The intention of the awards is to develop social, personal and employability skills as outlined in the syllabus.

No prior learning or specific ability is required.

For a copy of the specification/syllabus please click on the PDF icon to the right of this page.

Learners are formally assessed three times during the programme by an Involved Assessor who works in the Centre. All assessments are performance based and structured so that the duration of each assessment provides opportunities for learners to demonstrate achievement both through observed performance and (where specified) in discussion with the Independent Assessor who is external to the Centre. The Independent Assessor is appointed to the Centre by the Graded Qualifications Alliance (GQAL). Training for both Involved and Independent Assessor roles is carried out by GQAL, please contact us for more information.

Entries for these awards must be made through a GQAL approved centre. Please see the Centre Approval procedures for PEARL for more information.

Pearl Award Qualification Numbers:

Entry 3 600/2092/1
Level 1 600/2110/X
Level 2 600/2111/1
Level 3 600/2112/3